July 17, 2017 rich lett

Camera Action

Blink TV for the channel Dave
The Alps is such a beautiful environment that it can turn any amateur photographer into and instant hero of the celluloid. This winter however it was the turn of the professionals (BLINK TV) to capture the best scenery the alps had to offer for two episode of the Dave TV program “The Joy of Techs” – one episode was “Alpine adventures” and the other was “Winter Holidays”

This brand new series sees best mates Alexis Conran (Actor, TV presenter and technophile) and Marcus Brigstocke (Comedian & technophobe) put all manner of hi- and lo-tech gadgets to the test in their own inimitable way.

Every episode takes on a different element of a modern man’s life as Gadget Geek Alexis attempts to persuade the more ‘traditional’ Marcus that technology is always best. Whether it’s pitting Alexis’s self-inflating tent against Marcus’s 1970s camping equipment, comparing the instant ‘pleasures’ of an on-the-go boiled egg to the merits of good old-fashioned fry up or simply pondering the benefits of an app-controlled world– Alexis is determined to drag Marcus into the 21st Century and discover the true Joy of Techs.

Our tasks began with the initial brief and tailoring what was potentially achievable within the confines, safety and realities of shooting in and around the national park. Using our contacts and local knowledge we briefed the production team so that they were able to rewrite and amend the relevant scripts to dovetail with the location.
Then with the help of the main players and local authorities we secured various locations in all types of locations (Lakes, medieval town, back country, on the piste, on ski lifts and in local establishments).  Once the plot fit the environment and release forms were signed off we could then embark on the hands on local support for the shooting period.
The Alps winter and summer landscapes, mountains, lakes and ravines a short drive away from high end luxury, winter sports, water sports make them an ideal area for filming. With our contacts and inside knowledge filming went smoothly to plan and on budget!